Know your Target Market


Everyone – a list can be made of your surrounding area so that everyone who lives in your area can be hit.  This list can be catered to any size: from 1 mile radius  to 100 mile radius.   Whatever meets your needs and budget.  If you own a restaurant in a small town you may reach out further than if you live in a large city where many people live in a small radius and good news this style will give you the deepest discounts on postage when mailing.

Organization or Company:

You may have an in house list of those you want to mail to and we can offer discounts to reach out to those people.  You may be starting up or want to reach out to more people but have some key knowledge of your target demographic.

We can provide a list with many levels of criteria for any area:

  • Income level
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Presence of Children
  • and Many More…

Knowing who your target audience is key in getting you results and saving you money to hit the right people.

Know your budget:

Your biggest cost will likely be postage so avoid mistakes that can lead to higher postage.  We will be glad to approve any of your designs to make sure they are in USPS regulations

Don’t let the rush cost you more:

Check with us before going to print especially if sending cards from a source outside of The Mailworks.  There are so many regulations or keys to making your campaign cost effective.

Common Problems:

  • Addressing panel in the wrong place – can lead to a reprint, postage surcharge, or having to place the card you worked so hard to design in to an envelope.
  • Coating your card with the wrong material can lead to increase costs if it can not go through the machines for addressing.
  • Make sure your design is complete because adding more after the fact (a forgotten phone number) only adds more to the cost.


The quantity / size / paper are all factors in both printing costs and times.  Establish those things and then all you need is a design.

Let us know what you need and we will take care of it!